Optical Meter Reader

Laiwa Optical Meter Reader

The Laiwa Optical Meter Reader installs easily on most common utility and sub meters. It optically reads the meter automatically at set intervals. The image of the meter readout is converted to digital values using machine learning algorithms and the data is uploaded to the cloud application.

The Optical Meter Reader is an integrated system for automatic meter reading of utility and and sub meters. It offers utility suppliers, metering operators and building managers a cost effective and resource efficient solution to for automatically Automatic Meter Reading, AMR.

The Laiwa Optical Meter Reading solution does not require a full scale replacement of existing meter infrastructure. The Optical Reader is simply mounted on the existing meter and it will automatically scan the images of the meter display, convert them to digital values which are sent to the cloud service. Complete images can be sent as well for verification and compliance.

The Optical Meter Reader is a small low power battery powered device. It connects to the cloud through the mobile networks using the LTE NB-IoT low power protocol.

The device has wireless local area connectivity and is compliant with Bluetooth 5, Zigbee, ANT and Thread protocols.

Product Details

  • Easy non intrusive installation
  • Battery powered, min 5 years life span
  • NB-IoT Connectivity
  • Automatic setup, no technical knowledge required

Technical Data

  • Size (H,W,T): 100mm, 80mm, 25mm
  • Weight: 85 grams
  • Mounting: Double sided industrial tape
  • Battery: Lithium 2x 3800 mAh
  • Battery life: > 5 years
  • Certification: CE and IP67

Datasheet PDF

Download datasheet PDF.