Optical Automatic Meter Reading

LAIWA provides a full ifrastructure solution for Utility Meter Reading and Sub Meter Reading with Optical Readers based on AI machine learning technology. The LAIWA Optical Meter Readers are easily deployed on existing meter infrastructure, connected through low power wireless networks sends the data to the cloud platform in real time. The Laiwa IoT Cloud platform provides visibility, reporting, powerful analytics and easy integration. The system integrates seamlessy with existing metering, billing and management systems.


Optical meter Reader

The Optical Meter Reader installs easily and quckly on conventional meters. It optically reads the meter at set intervals. The images are converted to digital values using AI machine learning and the data is sent to a cloud application.


Wireless Connectivity

Narrow band mobile connectivity, NB-IoT, provides a low power transport layer for data to the to the cloud. Together with local wireless network enablement the readers can work autonoumously or in groups.


Cloud Platform

The meter data is aggregated in the cloud and available for insight of device data with visability, reporting and analytics. The platform provides full control of devices and connectivity. The platform can easily integrate the meter reader data to other applications for billing etc.

Utility Metering and Sub Metering

Laiwa metering provides a product range for Automatic Meter Reading, AMR for utility and sub metering. The system offers utilities suppliers, sub-metering operators, and relevant industry players a cost-effective and resource efficient solution to automatically collect meter data. Laiwa Metering does not require a full-scale replacement of existing meter infrastructure. The Optical Meter Readers are simply mounted on the front of existing meters. Once it has been mounted on the existing meters, it scans the image of meter display and converts it to the digital values that are sent wirelessly through LoRa protocol or LoRaWAN.

Meter Reading Made Easy

Optical meter Reading with Laiwa reduces the cost and improves the data collection drastically. By using low cost easy to connect Optical Meter Readers the data is collected to the Cloud Platform for viewing, reporting and analysis. the data can easily be integrated with other applications like billing systems.

Meter Reading made easy by Laiwa. The meter values are collected by optical readers mounted on the meters.

- Optical Meter Reader

The Optical Meter Readers are easy to intall nonintrusively on standard utility meters and reads the meter value optically.

- Easy Installation

The Laiwa Cloud Platform gives instant insight in the data with clear reporting and easy to use analytics.

- Laiwa IoT Cloud