Meter Reading Solutions

Innovative and reliable solutions for data collection, smart metering, data concentration and visualisation

Optical Meter Readers to automate the data collection from utility meter systems, sub-metering and any types of meters and displays in industry and building management.
High accuracy, high-reliability Optical Readers collects visual data, converts it to digital data streams that are sent wireless to our cloud platform or integrated with third-party networks and systems.

Highly specialised optical meter readers for standard utility and sub-meters as well as generic readers for most types of applications. Easy non intrusive installation with “plug and play” setup. The Optical Readers works autonomously sending meter readings to the cloud or local network.

  • Optical Metering Applications
  • Automatic meter Reading for Utility and Sub-metering.
  • Residential metering solutions.
  • Smart Buildings
  • Industrial Automatic Meter Reading Solutions.
  • Remote Metering Installations reading

Wireless Communication solutions

Our Meter Readers offers multiple wireless communication alternatives that can work simultaneously. We provide different solutions for different meter reader models and configurations.

Cloud Platform Solutions for Metering

LAIWA’s Cloud Metering Platform is a cloud-based IoT platform solution. It can be used in small project as well as large multi-client system. Easily connect Optical Readers to the platform with simple plug and play connectivity
The platform offers full functionality to monitor the devices, store and analyse the meter data and connect to third-party systems with API.

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Optical automatic meter reading

Laiwa Metering provide a complete solution for Utility and Sub Meter Reading with Optical Readers for legacy utility meters. The Optical Meter Readers are connected through low power wireless networks and can easily be deployed on existing meter infrastructure. Data from the optical sensors and mobile apps are visible on the cloud platform in real time. The Laiwa IoT Cloud platform provides visibility, reporting, powerful analytics and easy integration. The system provides full user account management, device management of connected meter readers and apps. Graphical displays and control panels provides immediate insight in real time data as well as analysis and reports on historical data. The system integrates seamlessy with existing metering, billing and management systems.

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